There is something lovely about sleep, and only if you can achieve good sleep. I wonder how one master’s the art of sleep. My cat is sleeping at the bottom corner of my bed and is laid out so comfortably. I know he has no worries, anxieties, or obligations, while I am worrying and thinking about what happens next.

Anyways, I don’t sleep well. I am sure with the millions of people in the world, there are a lot suffering with sleep issues. Why is it that the mind works so hard at night? I try to shut it down, but it won’t. I am in need of some tips! Then, lately when I fall asleep for a little while, I wake up in a puddle of sweat. I cannot explain that phenomenon! I mean, I can’t complain because maybe I am working out in my dreams and I know I have been slacking in my awaken state in making fitness a priority. Sleepless nights and night sweats…oh lovely nights.

Oh sweet rest

I wish I could conquer

To every sunset

I can eternally attest

The puddle of energy beneath my skin

I wake up again and again

Relinquish my fears

Grasp my mold

Sleep take over

Close my mind

Allow my being to repose


What keeps you awake at night?