There are days I sit and wonder why I have to work so hard to make it to an inch and sometimes nowhere. Then being around other people, I just think like damn, you didn’t have to try hard to get where you are. While their life is going so easy, I wonder why mine isn’t. I think we are all guilty of that thought. Now, a lot of times it is because someone has helped them along the way and got them in a good place, I ain’t mad at ya. They have had the support and other necessary items. But, I wonder why I always end up having to devote so much time and effort to be even a considerable factor. It is hard when you are around others who have their shit together, as you sit back and just wonder why yours isn’t. Now, I am not talking about the ones who don’t have their shit together because they haven’t put any effort towards getting their shit together, but I am talking about the ones who are working hard for their own; taking shitty jobs, dealing with shitty people with a smile, and working harder than the next to be recognized that their existence is real and that they deserve an opportunity.

I believe in hard work and that has been something I live by. No matter what I am doing, even when I was unemployed, I applied to at least twelve jobs a week, constantly updating my resume, and continuing my education. The real world is hard, and if you don’t have someone carrying you, you better have the faith and work ethic in all you do to make it. In the end, I want to be successful, I want to not live the life I did growing up; watching my parents struggle with providing necessities to the five of us. Look, to all of you out there that understands what it is to work hard, grind, and hustle…I applaud you. I am sorry it isn’t easy, and if I won the lottery I would try to help make your days a little easier. I say a little, because you must do what you must do to move forward. Today, all I have to give are words, words of encouragement. Don’t give up! Make someone of yourself! Work hard! Believe and allow your positive thoughts, dreams, and goals carry you with the confidence in your god. Faith without action is nothing, you can work all day, just don’t forget the faith.