pexels-photo-867470.jpegI finally got out of the house today and decided to go somewhere else to grab coffee and do homework. I decided to drive about 40 minutes to have a change of scene and well, I am happy I did. You never know the different people you can meet and today I met two different individuals. Well, what had happened was…I was semi listening to their conversation, as the word anthropology kept being dropped. Hey, it is always nice to meet other people who have similar interests. Well, I ended up expressing my love for anthropology as a current student with one of them who was also a student of Anthropology. Nutella is studying his Master’s in Anthropology and his friend French was a drop out who studied physics. I did wonder how these two individuals met and how they remained so inclined with each other. Sometimes friendship is deeper than the achievements that we conquer. I know that both are conquering their own worlds. French did have some awesome jeans, which also was another reason I spoke to them! The conversation ended with talking about french fries…these are my kind of homies. Lol! It is always nice to meet different people with different journey’s. I don’t know why I decided to share this with you, but this made my day. Sometimes you need to leave the area of your comfort zone to meet other people. You never know what they will share with you and just maybe, it is something you need. Happy Saturday!