I woke up today with the thought that today will be a good day. I did my usual morning chores of taking care of my puppy and getting ready to leave the house. Funny thing actually…After opening the front door to let Raiden out, two of his chew items showed up on the front steps. I have no idea where they popped up from but that chewed up, dirty, empty water bottle and pink and red chew rope showed up. Umm…I hope that my neighbor didn’t drop it off as some sort of warning. I looked all over the yard and woods the past few days. OWELL!! Lets just hope Raiden’s Mortal Kombat skills helped him retrieve them.

So, today after dropping off a package to the mailbox, I did my daily YELP stalk of restaurants. It provides a sense of comfort and contentment looking at the food. So, I happened to find a bakery. Okay, I have walked the streets of this little historic town and never saw it. I am trying to do better with supporting local businesses versus the larger establishments. So, I went to the little bakery and was so ecstatic by the dainty and simple place. I ordered a 12 oz, and two pastries. Can you can guess which pastries I ordered…yes, a croissant was one. But, now I am typing and sipping Starbucks…lol just so I can use the internet. I just can’t stay home every day and not get a change of scene. I am not going to lie this music is sharp to my ears. I need to go get my headphones. Hold up, shorts season already? Why yes! We are in lovely SC, where the weather can only hold its warm breath for a little while. Get it girl, wear them for me. Lol…this lady is probably thinking, “why is she looking at me?”

Oh yay! I just looked at my Starbucks rewards center, and I have two rewards. Free food and coffee sounds wonderful! Hmm…what will I get? Of course, it will be one of the most expensive things they have to offer. After all, I earned it. Lol Have a great day!