Good evening, and happy Saturday! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and hopefully you’ve been able to get some rest and things done that you have not been able to do during the week. Its been a rainy and muggy day. I did catch up on some Netflix episodes and puppy cuddles.

So, tonight’s post will be a poem. A poem about identity and how people cannot see beyond the eye; as they choose not to. For all of you no matter what background, color, stature you come from, tell your daughters and sons that they are intelligent, beautiful creations of God, full of positivity, and the power to bring light to this world. You must start while they are young, so they are able to understand their worth before society takes it away. By instilling this positivity, you are building your children to be great and to not doubt their uniqueness. I wish it wasn’t too late to tell the ones struggling with their image, because though I can add some positive affirmations to their lives, I cannot remove what has been programmed in their mind. I am living this each day. ~Enjoy~

I do not bleed my hair

I do not bleed my skin

For my color bleeds into the eyes of the one who hates

You do not see me as a human

You see me as other

You see my color

My color has a tone that accepts the sun, that rises and sets

But your mind only sees what darkness lets

For who is truly black?

Black is your soul that bleeds

Black is the color you see

Your eyes are closed because you do not see me

Beauty has left my soul

As I grow old, I will never know

Why my identity has been the fate of me

It has deleted my sanity

A believing in my entity

That no matter what color I bleed

They will only see

The color of me