pexels-photo-561870.jpegBelow is a list of my biggest listeners. I usually don’t have anyone to talk to when I need to mind release in the timeframe of that thought. So, when I don’t have anyone to listen, I choose one of these:

God.  You know they say he is always there! Go to your quiet place and close your eyes and talk to him. Now you may not hear an answer, but it can make you feel better. I truly believe if you listen to your internal ears… you might hear his voice.

Pets.  I talk to my cat all the time. You know, he even knows when I have had a bad day, and I don’t even have to say anything. He crawls up on my lap and looks into my eyes. As the tears fall, he begins to purr. I don’t know about you, but we have exchanged conversation through body language and I feel a little better.

Your angry song.  Look, I am non-confrontational (unless the liquid courage is heavily consumed). Yesterday I tried this. I turned up my music loud in my car and changed the lyrics to what I was mad at and sung it out loud. It was like having a conversation with Ludacris, but he couldn’t hear me…it was all good.

Write.  Yeah, that’s why I have a blog. You get the point.

Any surface.  The wall, pillow, candy bar, etc. Once you say what you have to say, just laugh it off. A couple of weeks from now, you won’t even remember.

Thanks for listening…