Okay, I get it! Having money, being famous, etc. is great. To have such talents or careers that provide you whatever your heart desires is a dream come true to many. I won’t lie, I play Mega Millions and Powerball hoping to win big money to live better. I mean, what one owns validates their importance in a society right? Money may provide us all the material things that we could ask for, but guess what, we all are still homo sapiens! I know, it may be hard to swallow. The rich don’t even poop…it just vanishes at the thought of releasing waste.

I don’t want this to come off as I am hating or envying what they have, because yes, having money allows you to live a more comfortable life. But as people try to fulfill their lives with the lives of the rich and famous, they then are wasting theirs. Okay, follow them, like their posts, buy their brands, shoot vote for them to be our President. But when you become so wrapped into their lives, you lose track of yours.

We are all guilty, unless you have never had contact with media. I remember being in high school, my parents couldn’t afford giving us reduced lunch money half of the time, so, no, I didn’t have nice clothes unless they were hand-me-downs. I then fought with my sister to get the better items of the bags donated by church friends. It wasn’t the fact that they were going to cover my body parts, it was the fact that I could have something name brand, to then be accepted into the popular group aka being validated by my society as someone important, by what I had. My last class; Anthropological Theory, stated that, the mindset of what you had was who you were started in the 1940’s during the Fordism era in America. Yes, I am sure the idea began long before that, I mean all the fads that existed, from being larger in size, to be being pale colored, represented your level of wealth. We can’t hide from it, that is a fact. While you may not be rich, we all still have one common reality; we’re human.

Does money make the human, or does human make the money?

Without each other, they still exist as their original state; human as a human, and money as money.

“He that dies pays all debts.” – William Shakespeare (The Tempest)