Yes, today is the day! Eat a croissant or five! Today, make a choice that requires you to fully consume the process of that task! Choose something that reminds you, you have a purpose and that the road has no dead end. Take a bite of life and absorb its nutrition. I want you to challenge your thoughts and capabilities to aim for something higher. Today, do not let that half-eaten croissant go stale, eat every crumb, and tackle the challenges ahead of you. You can do it! Breathe in, breathe out…you are in control!



3 thoughts on “Happy National Croissant Day

    1. Matthew that is awesome! I love bakeries, I actually wish they had more where I live. Pretty cool you were able to experience that! I only have taken a few classes with baking and cake decorating. Thank you for your response! Enjoy your week!

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