You ever wake up one day and look to the ceiling, thinking about all the choices you have made that have positioned you where you are today? Have you ever felt like you weren’t in control of your life? Whether it be your parents, friends, or significant others, have you ever wondered if it wasn’t for any of those individuals’ “recommendations” or “advice”, you wouldn’t be where you are? I guess the real question is, are you happy with life and where the decisions have taken you?

This thought caught my attention the other day. I swear in my head I have my life planned out…but for some reason once someone I believe that has my best interests tells me some life advice, I forget who I am. I forget what my capabilities are. I forget that IT IS MY LIFE! I shake my head in agreeance, and you know what…why does everyone else know what is best for you? Or in another view, you’re dating someone, and they have both of your lives figured out…except they failed to mention if you had any goals that you might want to achieve, or if you thought that their plan was in the lines of your life. Yes, this is where you speak up!!! Okay, I recently made another decision, knowing damn well I don’t want to do it. But, they told me I had nothing to lose. Why yes, yes, I do, MY SANITY! I took the promise of those individuals and can only hope that they can fulfill it, because if not our contract is over. Hehe…I have control over this situation.

Here is the thing, people will tell you what you need to do, how to act, how to dress, how to do your hair, how to work, how to raise your kids, how to…the list goes on. But no one can tell you how to bleed your wounds, cry your tears, poop your shit, and fight your fears. ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT! So, if their advice is not what your subconscious is telling you, take a step back, go into your quiet place, and listen. My thought is, well if it doesn’t work out you can’t blame anyone else, and you can always take their advice later. Live your life based off your decisions. You will have less regrets and headaches. Believe that you can and will achieve the desires of your heart. Let your heart guide your path, and let your faith hold you. You can do it! You can live the life you need to, for YOU! Your life, your decisions!