So, you settle…you choose the last donut in the box; even though it’s not your favorite. You get a cat instead of a dog (Okay, I did end up with a cat first, but he is the best pet ever! Now, I have a dog! Two fur babies!!!!) Yeah, that man or woman is nice, well there are a lot of nice people in the world; that’s what friends are for. He or she smokes, as you choke with a smile. I would bet that 90% of divorced couples settled. I have a friend who is optimistic, and her partner is not. She continued to try to provide options and remedies for his laziness, but it didn’t work. Today, she is over it and realizing that she was never happy, only settled for contentment.

Settling isn’t necessarily something you jump for joy for, or the screen effect with confetti and congratulations attached to that message. I don’t know what to tell you, but a lot of times we settle. In the back of our minds we think, “damn, why do I even try or deal with this b*s*!” I can’t tell you why you settled or why I have before. Maybe it was God just helping you realize that your wants were not what you needed, OR it was just that you were afraid to hurt someone else’s feelings. Contentment can change to happiness, sometimes. I only think that is possible if the situation is where both parties are trying, or you are attempting to move onto bigger and better things. I mean I am content not working out, but I know years ago I was happy being in shape and having the desire to be healthy. At this moment, I know I can’t feel this way for much longer or I will regret the contentment of my current lifestyle.

Contentment is COMFORT AT THE MOMENT. Yeah, it works and feels good at the conscious level. But, in the subconscious parts of your mind it is telling you, to “LEAVE”, “MOVE OVER”, or “OKAY YOU CAN STAY AND BE MISERABLE.” Being content or being happy with the blessings God has blessed you with is tricky. Yes, we want to be successful, happy, and prosperous. I currently am unemployed, well not technically, I mean I will be in 11 days. It is that serious! I just recently transitioned from the Army, and man, I was only content. I had done everything I could do, but it didn’t bring me results or happiness. Well now I am out, and miserable! I think my next post will be on being miserable.

You know what is funny, I right clicked contentment and it said happiness…. I am going to need to talk to Microsoft and tell them it is not the same. Long rant short, deep down you know what makes you happy, so stop making your content decisions on other’s and make those happy decisions on yourself. You will save the headache and you will not have to read this post, again. Goodnight! xoxox