I woke up this morning with the thought, “something needs to change”. I do think about how my life has ended up, obviously through the choices I have made; some good and some bad. Ever since I was younger I wanted to be someone, not just anyone, but someone who made a difference in others’ lives. I have my mini talks with God and ask him why I think so much. I never hear any reply and sadness fills my depth. As I look at my cat napping, and watch his face and tail twitch, I wonder what he is dreaming about. I guess the mind is like a gear, I don’t know what WD-40 I am using on it…but I am hoping that it locks up for a moment, just a moment.

Let’s see if I can tie this all together to make sense. The Half-Eaten Croissant is about life and the journey of it. You know those lazy mornings where you wake up and whatever you make, you half eat it? Well that is what happened to me this morning, and I am still staring at that half-eaten croissant. Our lives are at times half-eaten, and we internally feel like it is full, but we are still not happy. We have no desire to finish it, but look at the remainder, with no intention to. No, I am not saying we want our life to fully end. I am saying, what will help you finish the rest of your breakfast? What will help you finish the story you have to tell? What will help you clear the plate of your life, so that you can begin the next meal? What about the waste that remains there; cold and alone? Help me to help you turn our waste or half-eaten life into something desirable not only to the eye, but to infinity. We are commonly told, “we are what we eat”, so when we continually half eat the opportunities that God has given us, we begin to get in the habit of wasting time, energy, and life.

Maybe once I finish the half-eaten croissant of my life, I can change this blog to the fully-eaten croissant, but then I think my point would be lost. Let’s just try to consume and manifest our lives into the wholeness it was meant to be.